“I am really hungry now”


In class on Monday, I asked each of you to describe a family meal. Here is an (anonymous and slightly edited) example from the great descriptions that you submitted:

“When I went home from Singapore, my grandmother, who always cooks at home, would prepare my favorite foods to welcome me. As soon as I stopped in front of my house and open the door, I could already smell the aroma of the spices that are used in the most popular Indonesian dish called ‘Rendang.’ It is a spicy beef that is stewed with a coconut milk. As I entered, on the dining table beside the rendang beef, I could also see a plate of pan-fried eggplants with chillies and onions on top. A bowl of Indonesian salad served with peanut sauce called ‘Gado-Gado.’ A pot of chicken soup cooked with onions and vegetables. Last one would be steamed rice. Each person will be served a glass of cold lime juice.”

I’ll type up an post a few additional examples to the “Student Writing” page.

As one student wrote: “I am really hungry now!”


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