Week Two

Li-Young Lee

Li-Young Lee

I enjoyed reading your journal entries this weekend. Many of you wrote about important personal experiences of the power of language. A number of you shared about having a grandmother or grandfather who never learned to read; others shared about the experience of teaching poor children how to read. It was clear that each of you thought deeply about the reading we did last week. I know that reading Paley’s poem “Family” was challenging, but many of you successfully used that poem to think deeply about the way that family has shaped your own identity.

This week we will continue to talk together about family and identity. Our readings this week focus on aspects of the Asian-American experience as a way to think about the experience of immigration and second generation immigrants.  This week’s readings also share a theme of food, something many of your journal entries also discussed.

This week we will read the following essays and poems:

Chang-Rae Lee, “Coming Home Again”

Li-Young Lee, “Eating Alone” and “Eating Together”

Amy Tan, “Mother Tongue”

Eric Lui, “Notes of a Native Speaker”

In Monday’s class, I played a video of Li-Young Lee discussing poetry and reading. Here is that video:

Li-Young Lee Interview

Please watch the video again before our class on Wednesday.

See you in class.



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